Refund Policy

All contracts are for NO less than 3 months. Client must give 30 days notice of cancellation of services or client will be billed for complete three months. Client can ONLY cancel the contract on the 1st day of the next billing period. If client cancels the contract during the middle of a billing period then client must pay for remaining billing period. If the client fails to pay a monthly bill and falls behind one month, the client is void and the client is responsible for the remainder of the contract in full. Client must give written notice of cancellation of services. The client who signed the contract must be the one who cancels the account. An assigned representative can not cancel the contract. If the clients cancels at the beginning on the services, then the client needs to pay for the bill up until that point. Upon cancellation of services Knocking Door emails client and call client to confirm cancellation of services. As long as client bill is paid in full. Knocking Door will send client ANY and ALL files pertaining to clients website, SEO, social media platforms and online reputation. Knocking Door has NO refund policy unless stated on individual contracts. If there is a refund policy on individual contracts, Knocking Door will give refund of written services within a 45 day period which will be charged back to the card in which bill was paid. If clients does not pay the bill for services rendered, Knocking Door reserves the right to withhold logins, passwords and any information pertaining to the site until the bill is paid in full.
Refund Policy SEO Ranking Guarantee No contract, one time charge for our service. If Knocking Door does not deliver any SEO improvement in 90 days or less, Knocking Door will issue a full refund in the amount charged. The SEO improvement is any movement that is higher from current position which will be discussed during initial call.

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