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14 Easy Ways To Increase Sales For Your Business FREE

Today we will show you how you can Increase Sales for your website whether it is e-commerce, small business or other type of website.

We have compiled 14 different techniques to show you step-by-step how you can increase sales.


1) Need to promote a specific item in your website? Copy Adwords ads text to get more eyeballs.

The more interesting your ads are on adwords the more click through rates you will get.

But, did you know you can create <h1> tags and <title> tags in a similar way for your website?


Head over to Google.com and type in your keyword in the search bar. Look at adwords portion for that particular keyword. In our example we have used “TV Mounts” as our keyword:


Next, extract keywords that are relevant to your promotion. Keywords that will pop up right away for you. In our “tv mounts” example we have:

-1000s of reviews

-Tv Mounts & Brackets

-Top Rated Low Prices

-Same Day Service

-Flat, Tilt, Articulating, Ceiling

And here is what we can do with above information:


2) Create a short video of Your Products or Services. Hint: No video experience needed.

We do this for every client of ours and we don’t need to tell you that video marketing is growing. Just look at Youtube and you will see videos ranking on Google.

Here is how:

Step1: Find Youtube Video Keywords.

The idea is to find keywords from Youtube that Google ranks on its search engine. From our example in point.1 we can find keyword “tv mounts for flat screens” and on 2nd page of that search result we can see:


We can extract keywords:

“how to”

“For Dummies”

“mounting your television”

“wall mount”

The key to this is to optimize video for keywords that are ranking on Google, otherwise you will get traffic only from Youtube.

Ste2: Create a video

To get started with video look no further than https://animoto.com/ which offers 30 sec free video.


Once you sign up, you can start creating video that can be uploaded to Youtube directly.

You can create transitions, add music, add images, etc. to make your video better.

Step3: Add Video to Youtube with SEO Optimization

Here is our process that we use for all videos we create.

Title – Title of your video should be 5 words with 2 targeted keywords


Tip: make your 2 top keywords at the beginning of your title to increase chases of higher ranking in Google.

Description – This is very important and here are top tips:

  • Put your website url at the top.
  • Include your keyword at the first sentence.
  • Include additional keywords 4-5 times

Here is an example of a video description on Youtube with a proper structure:


Step4: Promote your video

Even Google needs to see your video and just creating a video is not enough. Time to push your video to the next level.

Add video link to your email signature. It is a good strategy to showcase your video to your customers, colleagues, friends and whoever you do business with.

Embed your Videos to Your Blog Posts.


Add video link to your press releases. Once press releases has been published your video link will be embed inside a text area that will link to youtube or your own website.


3) Add Long Tail Keywords To Your Products or Services.

Did you see Amazon on how they add their titles? No? Well, here it is:



The title is long, really long. Google recommends using 50-60 characters. A typical search on Google will result in showing the first 50-60 characters, but then you are competing with many businesses. Why not use Amazons approach?


Look what happens if you start searching for more specific keyword on Google.


Get customers that are looking for long tail keywords by providing more relevant title for each of your products. If Amazon can do it, so do you.

  4) Get Products Reviews from Tomoson

If you run eCommerce website, product reviews are the key to your sales.

The process is simple: Send your product to a blogger, get a review and link back to your website. The problem comes to find these bloggers and specifically ones that have a good amount of traffic.

One way is to use https://www.tomoson.com/


Create your promotion and add a description of what you are looking for:



And get results:



5) Be Better Than Your Competition. Piece of Mind Guaranteed.

Compare your business to your competition and learn from what they do that you can include or change.

With numerous ideas you can come up with, here is one on how to expand travel industry: http://www.conversion-rate-experts.com/sunshine-case-study/

6) Learn from Your Own Customers

This is HUGE.

Applying Google Analytics can help you realize your own customers and where to direct your ad bucks.

Let’s look at a few that are important:

Affinity Categories allow you to look at which audience generates the most revenue and use that information for Remarketing in Adwords.


New vs Returning Customers Report shows where exactly you need to add advertising. If your returning visitors are not converting as much, then create incentives for them to buy more.


There are 3 basic steps:

-Email marketing: Send your customers new offers once a week

-Social Marketing: Not just a simple post on your Facebook. Combine email marketing with social marketing.

By adding a countdown for a contest you will collect valuable customer information that can be used for email marketing.


-Adwords Remarketing / Facebook Remarketing: Set up PPC campaign to remarket to your current visitors once they leave your website.

Offer them extra % (percent) off, quicker shipping or a free ebook if you have a service business.

-Promo Offer via http://www.retailmenot.com/ and http://www.coupons.com/

7) Listening To Your Customers.

Here’s the brutal truth about customers:

There are WAY too many businesses thinking that “customer does not know anything”.

They don’t know how to use the product, they don’t know what to do with it, they can’t find on/off buttons, etc.

increase-sales17 Listen, read and find your customer issues and learn how they fixed the problem. Than adapt it to your current product line.
  • With 70 million users (80% women), 23% of which use it once per day Pinterest is another great tool to increase your sales.
  • Understand Pinterest Culture. Pinterest offers a way to share images you found online, but it does not work the same way as Facebook or Twitter.
Instead, learn and explore what other users are doing and what types of images or pins they have. increase-sales18

But what about my “boring” product? Well, look below, even boring “tv mounts” get repins.


-Tell a simple story.

Tell people what your company is about, share your testimonials ,add logos , faces of your employees, etc.

Customers want to feel like they know your brand and want to connect with you before they buy.


-Enable Rich Pins

Rich pins add price to your pins that customer can buy. https://business.pinterest.com/en/rich-pins


9) Improve Your Website

Your website sometimes needs tweaking from user point of view. There are some main categories that are very important:

  • Clarity
  • Relevancy
  • Increase Urgency

Clarity is one of the most important parts of your website. How the user interacts with elements on your website. There are two ways I recommend doing this:

http://www.conceptfeedback.com/ – Cost is $99 per expert to point out which parts of your website are lacking conversions

http://usertesting.com – $49 using people as testers. Once you provide instructions, users will submit a feedback.

Relevancy increases the position of knowing what is working. Here is what it will tell you:

-how relevant your offer is for your customers

-how customers are relevant to your offer

Here is how it works:

Adwords can help you deliver an offer to your customers via a PPC model.

Determine which websites are generating the most traffic via google analytics and advertise directly on those websites.


You can use our custom report for that: https://www.google.com/analytics/web/template?uid=p7OAJ_MDTKyb8vef9sDhvQ

Login to your google analytics, and select your website:


Once you click create button go to Customization and on the left you will have the custom report.


Increasing urgency on your website creates quicker response time from your customers. It “urges” them to take certain action in a certain time period.

  • Limited Time. Usually an offer will expire in 24 hour as an example below from Groupon.

-Stock Urgency allows customers to react quickly and buy quickly as they would have to wait until the next shipment arrives.


-Time countdown is forcing us to take an action and get it fast, because the deal will be gone. One big advantage is the price.

After the countdown is done, price can go back to its original point automatically.


10) Go Mobile

A few months ago, Google started to reward sites that are mobile friendly with higher search rankings. No matter what you sell, it is advised that you get your website responsive or you can create another site that is mobile ready.

Test out to make sure your website is mobile friendly here: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

11) Use Trending Topics

Each day trending topics capture millions of eyeballs. This simple strategy can be applied to your web-copy, product review or a blog you want to write about.

Here are 5 simple steps: a) Head over to buzzsumo.com and type in your keyword and click search button.


b)Results will be displayed and as you can see, you can easily filter results as needed by left filter menu.

c) This result will give you an idea of what topic you can write about and what is trending. In my example, I have added “boat insurance” as my keyword and now I can make logical choices.

d) I can create a topic, for example “Top 10 Boating Safety Tips That Insurance Companies Will Not Tell You About” or “Follow These Boating Safety Tips For A Better Insurance Rate”.

e) Next, click on the actual link and read the article to get an idea of your new content.

f) Here is another useful tip. Head over to https://www.seologies.com . This tool will help you analyze keywords from the most important to least that you can use while writing any type of content.

In my example, I was searching for “boat insurance” and I can see that the top keyword that most top sites use is “watercraft”, “underinsured”..etc. Now I can include those keywords in my text.

increase-sales29   12) Add Live Chat to Boost Conversions

Look at it from your perspective. If you walk into a business, you may have many questions, from what is the cost of shipping, does a product have guarantee?, etc..

Same will apply to your customers. They want to know quickly what they can expect. Some will take time to research information they are looking for and some will leave as they are confused, frustrated or just lazy to do anything.

This is where Live Chat software can help you. Some benefits of live chat are:

  1. More customer volume – Since customers that were about to leave that could not find what they were looking for now, have a chance to chat with a live rep. If you did not have a live chat, those customers would leave.
  2. Better Service – Your timely customer service rep. can easily answer all the questions and help customer navigate your website.
  3. One on One Attention – This is where customers feel like you care about them, their needs/wants.

13) Social Media Marketing That is Easy To Do

Imagine if you could simply find a software or tool that can publish post to your social accounts without you doing anything, not even typing the messages.

ShufflePus offers this type of post messaging management via their tool.

Simply select a category, mix with images and you are set. Now you will have a great looking post that will have a text and an image included.

Not enough? Than add RSS feeds, simple text messages that are written by ShufflePlus.


14) Increasing Traffic From Social Media

I have been there personally. I submit a post on Facebook, Twitter and expect tons of traffic. But, that’s not always happening, especially if you have a small business.

Here is how:

a) Add image sharing to your website – Does your website have images? Than let users share them on social media. With this free plugin http://sumome.com/ you can easily tag images and let customers share them.

b) Add META data – This is big. This part is forgotten on many levels and it is necessary to submit. Use this tool http://smo.knowem.com/, add your website url and look and correct errors per each page.

c) GEO TAG for Local Business – If your business is local and operate locally, example iphone repair, car dealer, etc. you can use GEO tags for a better visibility. Create GEO tags and add them to your site with http://www.geo-tag.de/generator/en.html

Here is how to do it:

Add your business address in the address bar below


Then scroll down until you see a code blow and add the tags to your website:


d)  Social plugins – For any type of website from wordpress to magento you can easily find social sharing pluging for customers to share your blog content.

For Magento you can use: https://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/social-media-buttons.html

For WordPress: https://wordpress.org/plugins/tags/social-plugins



We hope you find this information informative. Now we would like to hear from you. What findings did (or didn’t) surprise you? Or maybe you have a question about something from our study. Contact us below.

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