Techniques To Increase Your RSS Subscribers

3d man standing beside rss feed concept on white background, front angle view

3d man standing beside rss feed concept on white background, front angle view

Many website owners and bloggers are aware of how important their RSS subscribers are, so they constantly check if more have signed up. Some undoubtedly hope that each time they open their website, they would see a big jump in the number of people who subscribe to them. But why is RSS important in the first place?

What is RSS?

RSS means Rich Site Summary, which is a standard format for delivering new content to subscribers. The subscribers, on their end, receive this content as an RSS Feed. Online news publications, blogs, and other websites that publish articles regularly usually have this option so their followers and regular readers would know when fresh content is available.

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Growth Hacking: Tips and Tricks You Can Use To Increase Sales

Growth hacking has been used by many business owners and entrepreneurs to gain sales, some even reaching millions in a relatively short amount of time.

While not synonymous to marketing, the use of both growth hacking and marketing has been observed to gain positive results.

Entrepreneur Sean Ellis, the man who came up with the term “growth hacker” back in 2010, defined it to mean “a person whose true north is growth.”

Mainly, growth hacking is a process in which rapid experimentation of various product development and marketing strategies is conducted.

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14 Easy Ways To Increase Sales For Your Business FREE

Today we will show you how you can Increase Sales for your website whether it is e-commerce, small business or other type of website.

We have compiled 14 different techniques to show you step-by-step how you can increase sales.


1) Need to promote a specific item in your website? Copy Adwords ads text to get more eyeballs.

The more interesting your ads are on adwords the more click through rates you will get.

But, did you know you can create <h1> tags and <title> tags in a similar way for your website?


Head over to and type in your keyword in the search bar. Look at adwords portion for that particular keyword. In our example we have used “TV Mounts” as our keyword:

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