Tips for Lowering Your Website’s Bounce Rate

Creating and maintaining a website involves a lot of things, ranging from searching for the right keywords to regularly posting relevant content, from using the right design to choosing appropriate images, and from sharing posts on your social media to widening your online social circle.

There are many more elements involved, of course, but you do all these mainly for two things:

  • One, so people can find and visit your website; and
  • Two, so they will stay long enough to do other things, such as explore through your pages, buy a product, or subscribe to your newsletter.

You don’t want your visitors to leave after viewing only one page, which, in web-speak, is called “bounce.”

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Why Online Reviews Not Always Help Google Ranking

User-generated reviews such as those in Yelp are highly influential when it comes to persuading or dissuading consumers in using a product or service.

Many business owners don’t like it, simply because disgruntled customers are more likely to express their negative experiences online.

Whether they like it or not, however, it is important for business owners to realize the power of these customer reviews.

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